Project Description

Monster Tower wakeboard towers are designed to be sleek, strong and completely SILENT!  Their universal wakeboard tower design was the first in the industry and all their towers are designed to fit virtually any boat regardless of brand or model. Monster wakeboard towers are an affordable tower that is reliable and looks great too!

Here’s to smooth sailing, on the water and road. Ready to securely transport a wide range of boat sizes and types, our trailers are rigorously engineered to be a reliable, quiet and easy-to-tow compliment to your craft.

EZ Loader is the one stop shop for any type of recreational boat trailers.  They specialize in making trailers for every boat, every budget, and every body of water. Choose from galvanized, powder-coated, aluminum, wet-painted systems and “Tuff Coated” Polyurea coatings. And trust trailers that carry from 600 pound capacity to 15,000 pound capacity.